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Synthetic, Metalworking Fluid Concentrate

CIMTECH® 95 metalworking fluid is an extremely low foaming, clear, bio-stable synthetic.

Metals: Cast Iron, Nodular Iron and Carbon Steels.

Duty Range: For light to moderate-duty machining and grinding operations.

CIMTECH® 95 is well suited for applications where a clear fluid and foam control are critical, such as roll grinding and surface grinding. It can be used in central systems and individual machines on ferrous applications. It is stable in both hard and soft water.

RANCIDITY CONTROL - Exceptionally good bacteria and mold control.

CLEANLINESS - Excellent clarity and cleanliness. Emulsifies very little tramp oil. Tramp oil floats on top of the mix and can be removed easily by an oil skimmer.

EXCELLENT FOAM CONTROL - Even in operations with high agitation.

EXCELLENT SETTLING PROPERTIES - Cast iron and graphite fines settle readily; Mix stays clean; finish-marring chips and grit do not recirculate throughout the system.

DEPLETION RESISTANT - Lean make-up keeps the concentration at the recommended dilution, since CIMTECH® is not easily degraded by bacteria, or depleted by high chip loads. Reduces costs by reducing the amount of concentrate required for makeup.

OPERATOR & MACHINE FRIENDLY - Pleasant to use. Does not smoke or leave a slippery, oily film on parts, machines or surrounding areas. Stable and transparent.

CORROSION CONTROL - Excellent rust control on cast iron and steel due to its unique proprietary combination of rust inhibitors.

RECCOMMENDED STARTING DILUTUIONS - Use at 1:20 (5.0%) for machining and grinding.

CIMTECH® 95 is to be mixed with water for use (add concentrate to water). Add no other substances to the concentrate or mix unless approved by CIMCOOL® Technical Services (513-841-8133). Not recommended for use with magnesium or alloyed magnesium.


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